About Us


 Mazépis a local business approved by the

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters CME Ontario Made Program

 Like many people the heart of connecting and a sense of belonging can be found in our traditions one of which is our story through food. In our recipes, we use fresh natural ingredients to take you on a journey of tradition infused with new ways to entice the Canadian Palate.

A journey that does not lose the essence of the Caribbean flavours from the waves of Trinidad and Tobago to the spirit of Haiti. 

The Origin of the name comes from a blended combination of a nickname “Ma” and the French word for spices in “epis” by the owners and operators, Michelle and Marissa.

Michelle and I are committed to make products that the community will love using to enhance and enjoy their food in the comfort of their homes.

Everything made by Mazépis is all natural, that’s right!

There are NO additives or artificial preservatives added to any of our bottled products.

Conserving foods with vinegar, lime and lemon juice has been a preferred preservation method for Mazépis.

 Since Covid-19 stopped you from being able to go the Islands, Mazépis is proud to bring the Islands to you!

 Product Shelf Life

Marinades Original, Spicy, Vegan, Curry, Jerk  12 months

Hot Sauce, Very Hot Sauce, Peppa Sauce 12 months

Non-Spicy Pikliz, Mild Pikliz, Spicy Pikliz 12 months.    

 *Marinades & Hot Sauce best kept Refrigerated*

*Pikliz keep refrigerated after opening*